Bootcamps by Demi

As a former Marine, bootcamps are near and dear to my heart!

FEAR NOT it’s nothing like what is pictured here…

most of the time. 🙂

As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor I also offer BOOTCAMPS!

These bootcamps can be tailored to your groups needs and can include but are not limited to:

I come to your desired location and train your group on a weekly basis.

I train your employees as a group: great team building!

Cost effective: as a group, prices are reduced versus training with me one on one.

A little information about the bootcamps I offer:

-If I come to your group it will be a strict body weight training bootcamp. MAKE NO MISTAKE! I can absolutely make a very effective body weight training program that will leave everyone drenched in sweat and sore for days. 😉

-I am able to provide my own top notch sound equipment to have some great workout music playing!

-If you have a group that would like to train with me at Exemplar Fitness (and therefore have access to premium gym equipment), the prices will still be reduced; but everyone in the group will have to pay a $59/monthly gym fee to Exemplar (no contracts) and therefore have access to the gym to train on your own as well.

Bottom line: I can come to you or you can come to me. There are options available to help you and your group excel on your fitness journeys and this is just another avenue to get started.

Prices depend on how many are in the group and location. Please inquire by sending me a message via my contact tab.

In Health-Demi