Oblique Magazine Cover!

Oblique Magazine Cover!

Super excited to be on the cover of Oblique Magazine again (MARCH AND APRIL), making me the first 3 time Oblique Cover Model!

This publication will always be very dear to me. I remember this magazine was the very first time I ever had my picture taken when I first moved to Charleston, fresh out of the Marines way back in 2003 or so.

Looking back at my previous pictures in this magazine, I have definitely went through many changes! A couple of pictures were taken before the birth of my second child and I definitely had a different “shape.” I was more lean and I was a lot younger. However, after going through another pregnancy, LIFE, and years gone by; I APPRECIATE what my body is able to go through. I carry more weight on this body, but I also carry more muscle. I lift more weight now than I ever could 5-10 years ago and I’ve never felt better.

As a personal trainer in this wonderful city of Charleston, I LOVE that I can pass this ideology of being a STRONG woman to my female clients. Sometimes it can get a little daunting to be a strong female that is not necessarily a size 0 (and it goes both ways!).  All that matters is that you are healthy and confident-and that can be at a size 0 or size 16. Health is not always determined by a jean size.

Aim for STRENGTH. Aim for confidence.

As always let me know if you have any questions about anything!


Exemplar Fitness Personal Training

You can train with me personally at Exemplar Fitness in Charleston, SC.    I’ve trained at MANY gyms in Charleston. But this one takes the cake! The staff is amazing and so welcoming, the gym is always SUPER CLEAN, everything always looks brand spanking new, and the variety of what is available is absolutely incredible. This is NOT a big box gym. There are NO CROWDS. This is THE place to train if you want to have access to the best equipment and the best staff-period. It will always feel like it’s your own personal gym, and that is why I can confidently say that you will fall in love with Exemplar Fitness.  No contracts-no hassle, ever.15349564_347861858914133_990723023686630454_n.jpg